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Projects: Making Discursive Spaces

Making Discursive Spaces (2007)
Making Discursive Spaces was centred around a conventional studio-based design project in Interior Architecture at the University of Brighton, in Spring 2007. Second year undergraduate students were asked to propose a programme for artists’ studios (defined as widely as they wanted) which fitted in and around the current activities of Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, East London. Through Arts Council England (ACE) funding six Deaf and disabled artists joined the students and tutors towards the end of this project, and interacted with students through seminars, presentations and 1:1 tutorials. The aim was to explore how artists might be able to engage students in thinking differently and more creatively about disability, access and inclusion in their design work.

For the website capturing and reporting on this project, including important lessons learned, go here [1].

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