Projects: Alternate Languages @ the RA

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Alternate Languages @ the RA
The Royal Academy is London is developing a third iteration of the ‘Alternate Languages’ event they did in the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale last year, this time back at the RA; and DisOrdinary Architecture has been invited to be involved. This is on Saturday 16 March 2019, with the building filled with “free immersive spatial activations, performances and workshops along with a couple of discussions in the lecture theatre.” As Architecture Curator Kate Goodwin goes on to say:

“The programme is intended to raise questions about what unites us and what divides us; about exclusion and generosity; about isolation and connectiveness. It seems we are in a time when disenchantment permeates many aspects of society and polarisation increases, it is therefore our aspiration to transcend difference, overcome prejudices, find ways to understand and connect with one another. We have sound artist/ technicians and choreographers, conducting workshops and performances throughout the building; artists and architectural students creating installations in unexpected places; and discussions that invite a critique of our relationship with one another and with our spaces.”

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