Projects: Re-Visioning Architecture

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Re-Visioning Architecture (Architecture Beyond Sight 2)

Following our Architecture Beyond Sight 3-day developmental workshop at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, commissioned by the Dean Alan Penn, we are have now created a one week long intensive Study Week, to test out what needs to be taught on a Architectural Foundation course for blind and partially sighted people who want to become architects or take similar creative paths. As the course outline says:

Architecture Beyond Sight (ABS) is a long-term project that aims to challenge architecture’s tendency to prioritise the visual over other senses. By enabling blind and partially sighted people to study architecture, it investigates how design can incorporate other ways of experiencing, imagining and creating space.

We have recruited 16 blind and partially sighted students for the course – running 22nd to 26th July – from a very wide range of backgrounds, knowledge and experiences. We are also very excited to have blind architect Chris Downey (from the USA) and blind furniture maker Duncan Meerding (from Tasmania) as guest tutors, supported by DisOrdinary Architecture’s own Zoe Partington and Mandy Redvers-Rowe. The course is made up of four two-day modules, divided into two pathways.  Six students will study ‘Architecture in Context’  followed by ‘Design Making and Materiality’, whilst ten will study ‘Design and Communication Skills’ followed by ‘Design Project’. In this way we can co-develop a complete Foundation course, led by the knowledge and skills of blind and partially sighted people.

Chris Downey and Duncan Meerding will also be giving a guest lecture on Tuesday 23rd July at the Bartlett School. This event is public and free, but you need to register for a ticket here.

Eventbrite image showing ChrisDowney drawing with a raised line, using plasticine

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