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Projects: Taking Steps

Taking Steps (June – July 2010)
In 2009 -10 Matthew Lloyd Architects, together with disabled artist Tony Heaton and with support from Architecture Inside Out (The fore-runner of The DisOrdinary Architecture Project) and the Royal Engineers, built a prototype access lift as part of the London Festival of Architecture. This was on the Duke of Marlborough steps in London, a key heritage and tourist site. Rather than make a separate access ramp that tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, the team decided to celebrate the act of inclusive moving up and down the steps (a very useful short-cut in this area). They did this by making a prototype water-powered structure on one of the landings, which aligned centrally with the column and statue at the top. The aim was to deliberately slow down, and make enjoyable, the process of vertical movement, so that this would appeal to everyone, not just disabled people.

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