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Projects: Disabled Artists Making Dis/Ordinary Spaces

Disabled Artists Making Dis/Ordinary Spaces (DAMD/OS) (March – June 2017)
The Arts Council England (ACE) funded Disabled Artists Making Dis/Ordinary Spaces (DAMD/OS) project brought together disabled artists with architectural students, educators and professionals, to develop new ways of working together around the design of built space. This involved co-creating prototype activities in three UK universities. It explored how to increase the capacity of, and opportunities for, disabled artists to work in various roles across built environment related education and practice; and to act as innovative influencers on the design of built space. You can see our introductory video here. [1]

The 3 projects were:

CASS Foundation London Metropolitan University (artist Joseph Young with educator Chi Roberts). See the Sound Marks project at the CASS here [2].

Westminster University Interior Architecture (artist Liz Crow with educator Julia Dwyer). See the Tilted Horizons project at Westminster University here. [3]

Manchester School of Architecture (artist Zoe Partington with educators Stefan White and Helen Ashton.)
See the Age Friendly Ideal Home project at Manchester School of Architecture here. [4]

This project ended in June 2017, with a public event at the Bartlett School of Architecture, attended by about 70 people. We discussed the activities; explored what we could learn about how to think/do disability and inclusion in much more creative ways within architecture and the built environment; and plotted many new activities….


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