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Projects: The New Standard–where do standards come from?

The New Standard: Where do Standards come from? (5th May 2017)
Following a day-long mapping workshop – where students from The Bartlett and the AA worked with disabled artist Damian Toal to literally mark their individual standards across spaces within both schools – the evening discussion brought together artists, architects and theorists to discuss the often arbitrary and biased parameters which define the design of our built environment. Deaf artist Aaron Williamson, together with architect Thomas Carpentier and cultural theorist Nirmal Puwar each gave a talk, followed by a panel discussion.

The results of the workshop were also considered, leading to a debate about how we can question and challenge designers to create more inclusive spaces that are comfortable for everyone to inhabit and interact with. The workshop and event was co-organised by Manijeh Varagese from the AA, and Barbara Penner from the Bartlett UCL.

To view the evening session go here [1].

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