Projects: Architecture Inside Out (AIO)

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Architecture Inside Out (AIO) (2007 – 2009)



The DisOrdinary Architecture Project has grown out of many previous disability-led creative projects. The original network was called Architecture-InsideOut (AIO). This was an informal network that also explored how to generate constructive and creative dialogue between disabled and Deaf artists and architects and related professionals. The work originated out of a series of Arts Council SE commissions for disabled artists to explore built space related themes. Whilst these were fascinating pieces of work, it was clear that to make any impact on the built environment sector, disabled artists needed to find ways of collaborating as co-partners with architectural students, educators, professionals and other experts in the field. The AIO projects centred around two high-profile events – one enabling artists and architects to co-make installation and performance work in the Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, and the other an experimental workshop at the Lightbox in Woking.

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