Going Forward (1) – dis/ability into architectural education

Students collaborating together by holding hands, to enable one of their group to walk out onto a 'gangplank' suspended over Copehagen harbour

Thinking about plans for next year. Most immediately we are completing our 2019 Arts Council England (ACE) funded work into architectural education, called Moving to the Next Level: disabled artists make dis/ordinary spaces (for more go here.) Deaf artist Aaron Williamson will be working with Manijeh Verghese and Inigo Minns as part of their Diploma 12 unit entitled Material World at the Architectural Association London in February 2019. This is to creatively and critically explore what Manijeh calls ‘Scripted Spaces’, or the scripts that determine how people behave in space. Students will be asked to design events to disrupt existing scripts and make people question how they inhabit space. Another ACE-funded activity is a collaboration between artist Rachel Gadsden and Judit Pusztaszeri, first year coordinator for interior architecture at the University of Brighton, which aims to develop some of the Architecture Beyond Sight themes. In addition, Dave Dixon will be working at the University of Westminster with Richa Mukhia and first year architecture students, through a workshop to introduce key themes for the semester.

We are also looking to extend this work – first by finding funding for continued engagement with courses (University of Manchester and CASS Foundation in the pipeline at the moment) and second, to make new links with educators and students across the country. So if you are interested please get in touch. In the meantime, I am already booked to give talks next year at the Glasgow School of Art, Sheffield University, University of Innsbruck, and (arranged by students) at University of the Arts London (UAL).