Visionary design beyond the visual

Screen shot from video by Tim Copsey of Architecture Beyond Sight workshop

Still processing the multiple implications of our recent Architecture Beyond Sight (ABS) workshop at the Bartlett School of Architecture in September. Most immediately this is about the value of starting from disability – paying attention to, and learning from different, non-normative ways of doing things. Co-designing with creative blind and visually impaired people extends and even transforms architectural languages and design methods. It means working from close multi-sensory engagements with site and situation; centralizing touch and experience in making, and designing in through tactile sketching, word pictures and performative interventions. You can see the video here.

Now looking forward to taking this forward. We are planning to run a short course in summer 2019 for blind and partially sighted people interested in studying architecture, and then developing that into a Foundation course at the Bartlett.