Critical Professional Practices workshop

Interior view of a large, industrial-type warehouse, with a view towards a mezzanine.

Pleased to be involved for a second year at the University of Westminster with Samir Pandya as part of his MArch Critical Professional Practices course. I will be giving a lecture on Dis/ability Beyond the Regulations, which this year will connect to part of the students’ assignments. We want students to together and individually to reflect on the underlying assumptions of architectural professionalism, its values, attitudes and approaches; and to consider what ‘counts as normal’ within architectural practice, most particularly what kinds of bodies are valued and designed for, and who or what is left out.

This is supported through an interactive workshop at the beginning of December held in the fantastic Ambika P3 space (pictured), where artists Zoe Partington, Mandy Redvers-Rowe, Noemi Lakmaier and Joseph Young will work in diverse ways with students to explore some of the implications of ‘being professional’ as an embodied practice.