More in Manchester


Group of six students, some standing, some sitting at computers, smiling as they discuss their work.

Really fabulous to be teaching a bit at Manchester School of Architecture again, and excited that tutors there are working with us to further embed DisOrdinary Architecture artists into the curriculum across the whole school next semester. This is towards enabling more creative ways of engaging with disabled and diverse ways of being in the world as just a ‘normal’ and everyday part of what students learn during their studies. We had very positive student feedback last year from the workshop led by 6 disabled artists (Zoe Partington, Tony Heaton, Pam Newall, Simon Raven, Simon McKeown, Mandy Redvers-Rowe) so will be building on this. As Emily Crompton, first year leader, told us afterwards:

I had some really encouraging feedback from Year 1 student representatives a few weeks ago – completely unsolicited, they said that they had really enjoyed the workshop – one said that it had had a real impact on the designs of their group, and the next day everyone was pouring over their plans and changing things because of what they had learnt. For me this is an excellent outcome for Year 1, as I had hoped it would start to increase awareness, but it seems to have gone beyond that even in such a short timeframe.