‘Care work’ at ETH Zurich

Post for 'care work' event' based on Caroline Cardus's Way Ahead series.

Currently working with artist Caroline Cardus to prepare a DisOrdinary Architecture dialogue for the upcoming ‘Care work’ seminar at ETH Zurich (29th October 2018). Along with speakers – architect Adam Caruso (a professor at the school, currently leading a studio entitled Hidden Interiors) and Nina Mühlemann, a scholar and activist working on disability, arts, and queerness – we will be exploring ways of challenging unequal or normative spatial practices, focusing on how conventional care-relationships produce specific spatial settings. The event is been organized by Torsen Lange and Gabrielle Schaad, as part of their Theory of Architecture course Architectures of Gender – Care Work at ETH.

The poster for the event (shown above) is based on Caroline’s well known 2004 series The Way Ahead.