New BEgoingplaces project begins

Two images show Danna and Jos giving their presentation in front of screen asking participants for supportHave been working with the fab Danna Walker of Built By Us to bring her mentoring knowledge and skills to also support disabled architectural students, educators and practitioners. As with disabled people everywhere, those who are studying or work in the architecture and built environment disciplines have to daily navigate ‘normal’ attitudes to impairment, that are likely to adversely affect their opportunities. Disabled people are more likely to drop out of education, may be sidelined to ‘access’ roles, and often feel obliged to hide their impairment or choose to downplay it.

The end result is that only 1% of architects disclose as disabled (when disabled people make up at least 10% of the population.) We believe that until there are more disabled people working across the built environment as creative producers and managers, access and inclusion will continue to be marginalised in building and urban design.

Danna and I put our case at a recent RSA Engage event in London, called Design for Social Impact; and had lots of interest. We are currently looking for more partners with both built environment education and with architectural and construction practice (starting with London-based organisations for our initial iteration). If you are interested please get in touch by emailing